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Lok Sabha approves Telecom Bill 2023. Key things to know

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Last Updated on 10-07-2024

10.07.2024  Today Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP and Com G Acheswara Rao ACS HQ  met the CGM sir and discussed on the long stay transfers retentions and modifications. CGM sir agreed to give retention of genuine cases of  Children studying 10th,11th&12th standard (Day scholars) for a period of one year. The medical  and Association immunity cases which are not considered during the issue of orders also will be considered for retention.

We also requested CGM sir to issue pending normal OTP requests.

Please send your  representations for retention/modifications  through proper channel with relevant documents  at the earliest to take up with the management.

 For child's 12th standard attach study certificate mentioning "Day Scholar" is mandatory. Softcopy of representations along with the supporting documents may be sent to Com Acheswara Rao ACS HQ. To the extent possible we will try these cases.

08.07.2024   Intra circle long stay transfer orders in the cadre of  AGM/SDE/JTO.
26.06.2024  SNEA AP formal meeting Minutes <<COPY>>

29.05.2024: SNEA AP formal meeting with CGMT on 29.05.2024.

25.05.2024: SNEA AP formal meeting with CGMT on 29.05.2024.


  12th District Conference of SNEA Krishna on 19-05-2024

  12th District Conference of SNEA Krishna held on 19.05.2024 at SNEA Hall,BSNL Bhavan, Vijayawada.  Sri Y Ravindranath PGM,Krishna BA, and Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP attended the conference as chief guests.This meeting was  presided by Com V Krishna Rao President SNEA Krishna.

  Sri Y Ravindanath,PGM  Krishna BA has given assurance to resolve all the issues raised in Keynote Address by Com P Vinay Kumar DS SNEA Krishna in Open  house session.  Sri P PothurajuAGMAdmn, Com G AcheswaraRao, ACS HQ  SNEA AP,Com Ch Prem Kumar DS SEWA Krishna and Com G Pardhasardhi DS VCTD SNEA  are the distinguished guests.The SNEA flag was hoisted by Com V Krishna Rao President before starting of conference in the presence of mighty members of SNEA.

    Com P Vinay Kumar DS SNEA Krishna and Com K Ramesh Babu District treasurer submitted their reports and these reports were adopted by the august house in the delegate session which was started afternoon.Com P PothuRaju, nominated as Chairman  and Com B Rakesh as vice chairman to conduct election.The old body dissolved and the following new body was elected unanimously.

District President: V. Krishna rao, SDE EB

Vice president: Ch Ramanaraju, JTO, MCM

District Secretary: N. Mahesh, JTO, GVM

District Treasurer: G Sumanthkumar, JTO, MPM

ADS1( HQ): G Sailaja, SDE MIS

ADS 2   : Y V Rama Rao JTO One Network

ADS 3 : VR Nanda Kishore J, SDE IBPM

CEC1: D Satishbabu, JTO PMU

CEC2: R Rajesh, JTO TX VJ

Org Secretary1:G. Phanidra JTO OD

Org Secretary2 :O Venugopal JTO O&M

Org Secretary3: G Prasannamjaneyulu JTO RVP

Org Secretary4:Ch. Saibabu JTO JGP

Org Secretary5: Ch. Chandrasekhar SDE

SNEA AP congratulates the newly elected Krishna district body.


       Kurnool   District General body meeting  conducted on 01.05.2024 at Conference Hall ,%GMTD BSNL Kurnool under the presidentship of Com G.V.Muralikrishna.Com MANISH SAMADHIYA.SNEA CHQ President ,Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP,Com K Lingamaiah CP SNEA AP ,Com G Acheswara Rao ACS HQ SNEA AP and  Com Manoranjan  CWC SNEA AP were participated and addressed though online .Com M Satya Sasidhar ACS SNEA AP attended the meeting and addressed the gathering .  . The new executive body has elected with the following members unanimously:

District President -                           G.V.Muralikrishna-9440655955

Vice President1-                               D.Sreekanth-9449853094

Vice President2-                               Y.Ramesh-9490183405

District Secreatary-                          U.Srinivasulu-944137599

Treasurer-                                      T.Sanjeeva Kumar-9490237979

Asst  Dist Secretary1-                     T.Balanagaiah-9440519529

Asst  Dist Secretary2-                     N.Vijay Kumar-9490000195

Asst  Dist Secretary3-                     E.Raghavendra-+919490205665

Asst  Dist Secretary4-                     K.Laxmaiah-+919441656446

Organising secretary1-                   K.Suresh-9491800888

Organising secretary2-                   Tirumalesh-+919494832310

SNEA AP congratulates the newly elected Kurnool  district body.




        Ongole  District general body meeting  conducted on 07.04.2024 at K B Residency Ongole  under the presidentship of     Com D V L Chandrasekhar. Com M Chalamaiah CWC SNEA AP was  distinguished guests on the occasion. Dist secretary com N Venkateswarulu and  Dist Treasurer Com Com D V L Chandrasekhar submitted their reports and were adopted by the house after deliberations. The old body was dissolved and new executive body has elected with the following members unanimously:

President:                     Com.D RamBabu SDE

Vice President:               Com.D V L Chandrasekhar SDE

Secretary:                      Com.N Venkateswarulu  SDE

Treasurer:                      Com. G V Chlapathi Rao JTO

ADS :                             Com.M.Venkateswarulu SDE

Org Secretary1:               Com.K L Sai Pavan JTO

Org Secretary2:               Com.O Sekhar JTO

 SNEA AP congratulates the newly elected Ongole  district body.


   09.02.2024            Highly successful Negotiations of Premium of optional GTI renewal:

Team SNEA, firmly &  successfully pleaded for the reduction of rates offered by LIC and reducing it even less than the last year rates and bringing it at par with rates offered by LIC during first year of policy for Executives and Non-Executives.  

These successful negations were possible with deep study of the subject matter by Mrs. Anu Agarwal, CP SNEA BSNL CO with supporting information from Shri. Somenath Gosh, CS SNEA WB Circle. SNEA CHQ appreciates their sincere devoted efforts of both the stalwarts along with other OBs/Members who shared timely and valuable feedback for successful negotiations.

With these highly successful negotiations with firm and well-studied stand taken by SNEA as the only Recognized Majority Representative Association of BSNL, as outcome of recent 3rd Membership verification process, every executive in BSNL opting for GTI will be benefitted by savings of about Rs 3000 in GTI premium amount for age below 50 years and Rs 2000 for age above 50 years as compared to last year premium.

This saving in GTI premium amount for young executives in BSNL with age below 50 years as compared to LIC initial proposal for renewal per executive will be Rs 7000 and this is definitely good amount for the already financially affected young executives in BSNL.

SNEA  specially conveys thanks to all executives of BSNL for their strong faith in SNEA and in similar manner we will continue to get benefits for the executives in BSNL from all possible ways. 

GTI Letter

08.02.2024    Request  letter for Agenda-Based Meeting with CGMT   Letter

04.02.2024            AP Circle empannel Hospital list  Emp Hospitals


      Guntur District general body meeting  conducted on 21.01.2024 at Conference hall O/O GMTD Guntur under the presidentship of Com K V  S Ramakrishna Rao DP SNEA AP .Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP, Com.P Venkateswararao ACS SNEA AP and Com M Chalamaiah CWC SNEA AP were distinguished guests on the occasion.Dist secretary com K.Samabasiva Rao and  Dist Treasurer Com Sri K V Vasantha Rao  submitted their reports and were adopted by the house after deliberations.

   SNEA Diary and Calendar were inaugurated in this meeting. After completion of detail deliberations on organizational matters, Circle office bearers Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP, Com.P Venkateswararao ACS SNEA AP and Com M Chalamaiah CWC SNEA AP addressed the session. The old body was dissolved and new executive body has elected with the following members unanimously:

President:               Com.T Raj Kumar JTO

V.President:            Com.K.Jagadeesh Kumar SDE

Secretary:               Com.B.Laxman Kumar JTO

Treasurer:               Com.D.Sudheer Kumar JTO

ADS HQ:                 Com.M.Veeranjaneyulu JAO

ADS1:                    Com.M.Prasad JTO

ADS2:                    Com.A.Srinivasa Rao SDE

CEC Member:           Com.V.Hari Babu JTO



  Com.WSeshgiri.Rao is not only a legendary figure in the comity of Trade Unions in erstwhile DOT and BSNL, but tallest of all times in all respects. He was very very humble, down to earth but yet was undaunting in real terms, uncompromising and toughest one. His Trade Union Integrity is unmatched and almost impossible for anyone to emulate. Was made of an entirely different stuff. He was truly democratic in that he never ever diluted the mandate of his Comrades and strove like anything to live up to their mandate and confidence. That is how he could built an unshakeable, monumental and deeply entrenched Trade Union Institution, the greatest of great SNEA, which epitomizes real aspirations of  future generations of SNEA. Posterity in SNEA will have to strive incredibly hard, to their last breath, in the prevailing circumstances,  to preserve and foster the values that this highest Trade Union Institution in BSNL stands for. The challenges for the coming generations in SNEA on this account are very very formidable and arduous.



Our beloved CGM AP Sri M Seshachalam inaugurated our SNEA Diary


Our beloved CGM AP Sri M Seshachalam inaugurated our SNEA calendars on the eve of New Year 2024, in the presence of our Circle/ District office bearers. We convey our heartfelt thanks to our beloved CGM garu on this occasion.



Today we met the CGMAP along with some of the Circle office bearers. This is purely a courtesy call.



 The AUAB has given call for organising demonstrations throughout the country  , to protest against the grabbing of ALTTC by the DoT. AUAB AP organised the  massive demonstrations at circle office as well as SSAs head quaters.In Circle Office Com. J Umamaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP,Com. M Prasad Babu,Com Ashok Babu Ex CS BSNLEU,Com K Anjaiah CS NFTE,Com P Vinay Kumar DS  SNEA KRI , Com. G Paradhasardhi DS VCTD SNEA and AUAB leaders are participated in the demonstration.At SSA level also organised the demonstration with raising slogans and demanding Union Govt to intervene in this issue and stop DOT to snatch assets of BSNL against the Cabinet decision.  

     On 9th Decemeber 2023 Com V V Narasimha Murthy DS VZM and other SNEA leaders met Honourable Communication Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw    on his visit to Visakapatnam and submitted the memorandum on Old Pension Scheme. He  listened  patiently on the old pensionissue and given assurance to settle the issue.


    On 24.11.2023 Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS SNEA AP and Com D Pradeep ACS CNTx-S met CGT CNTX-S  discussed the CNTX-S issues and submitted letter.


      The SNEA AP Circle XXIIICircle Conference was conducted, in a grand manner on 04.11.2023 and 05.11.2023 at the beautiful Venue on the banks of Godavari River provided excellent ambience for the Circle conference. Also OPEN HOUSE SESSION with the theme “Role of the Executives to meet the current challenges in the BSNL” on 05-11-2023 organized in a grand manner.

            The delegate session startedon 04.11.2023 with the hoisting of Association Flag by the Circle President Com K Lingamaiah, in the presence of, Com. J.Umamaheswara Rao CS, Com. M Satya Prasad JS SOUTH SNEA,CWC Members, Circle Office Bearers, CEC Members, District Secretaries and delegates with raising slogans. Com B Srinivas delivered the welcome address after that lighting the lamp by Com K Lingamaiah CP,Com. J.Umamaheswara Rao CS and Com. M Satya Prasad JS SOUTH SNEA. After the completion of opening remarks by the President, the house observed two minutes silence in memory of the departed comrades. General body confirmed the minutes of the last Circle Conference. Com.J. Umamaheswara Rao, CS and Com. N Jayanand, Circle Treasurer, submitted their reports and were adopted by the representative council. 

           All the District Secretaries submitted their reports and some resolutions on organizing activitiesare passed by the Representative Council. Discussions were held as per the agenda.       

       Before Delegate session Pre-Conference CEC started at 09.00 AM on 04.11.2023 CS and CT reports submitted and after discussions both the reports were passed in the pre CEC.         


             A Grand OPEN SESSION was started on 05.11.2023 with beautiful classical dances.The Host branch arranged grand warm welcome to the Chief Guest of the open session Sri MSeshachalam CGMT AP. Videos on actual field challenges faced by executives in 4G Saturation project and Transmission wing are played on the theme of Open session that is “Role of the Executives to meet the current challenges in the BSNL” inthe presence of Chief Guest and the dignitaries invited from the management, other Association  and unions representatives.

           Open Session was inaugurated by our Chief Guest Sri M Seshachalam, CGM AP Telecom Circle, by lighting the lamp along with Com. M S Adasul GS,Com Manish Samadhiya AIP.Guests of Honour for this open session is M S Adasul GS,Com Manish Samadhiya AIP,Com K Tata Babu CHQ Treasurer,Com M Satya Prasad JS South,Com S Srinivas AGS SNEA,Sri P Raju GM RJY BA,Sri A Srinivasa Rao, GM CM AP Circle office, Sri S S Raj Kumar AIVP SEWA. Smt K Rama Devi CS BSNLEU, SriG.Sasidhar AGS DEWAB and leaders of other sisterUnions and associations.

            A detailed Keynote address covering all the challenges of field problems in all the segments of BSNL was presented by Circle Secretary Com. J. UmaMaheswara Rao, CS SNEA AP, after opening remarks by Circle President Com.K Lingamaiah. In this Keynote address Com J UmaMaheswara Rao CS elaborated the challenges facing by theExecutives in the BSNL while executing the new projects and especially in day to day operational activities in all the services that are being extended to the esteemed customers.

            Sri M Seshachalam, CGM AP Telecom Circle, addressed the open session, appealed that take the challenges in positive way to give services in the remote areas. He assured to take necessary action to implement the suggestions submitted in the Key Note address.He also gave assurance to provide some facilities for PWD staff. 

            Sri A Srinivasa Rao GM CM Circle office responded on CM segment issues and addressed on CM related issues.Sri P Raju GM RJY BA also addressed on how to meet the challenges in the BSNL. 

            Com M S Adasul, GS, explained the responsibilities and role of executive to overcome the current challenges in the BSNL. He also elaborated customer satisfaction is very important and to maintain good relations with customer. Com M Satya Prasad JS South addressed on BSNL Development works.The leaders of Sister Unions/Association also addressed the open session. SNEA AP felicitated all the guests. 

            After open session resumed delegate session with the address of Com M S Adasul GS and Com Manish Samadhiya AIP on organization matters.Com K Tatababu addressed on the all issues which were raised by the delegates and also cleared all doubts.AGS Com S Srinivas AGS and Com M Satya Prasad also addressed on organizational matters.The Host branch felicitated the SNEA AP circle body and volunteers of this event.

     Com M Ravi Shankar DGMAPCO was nominated as a Chairman for conducting the elections. The entire team of Office Bearers was elected unanimously. 

    Comrades of SNEARajamahendram, the Host Division made excellent and extraordinary arrangements for the delegates who attended the conference from all the parts of Andhra Pradesh, for smooth conduction of the meeting in a most conducive manner.



Circle President

Com. K Lingamaiah




Circle Vice President

Com. P S L Narasimha Rao




Circle Secretary

Com. J. Uma Maheswara Rao




Circle Treasurer





Asst Circle Secretary-HQ

Com.  G. Acheswara Rao




Asst Circle Secretary-1

Com. I. Madhusudhan Rao




Asst Circle Secretary-2

Com. M. Satya Sasidhar




Asst Circle Secretary-3

Com. P. Venkateswara Rao




Asst Circle Secretary-4

Com. P Srinivas Raju




Asst Circle Secretary-5

Com. T Anand Kumar




Asst Circle Secretary-6

Com. PGHK PremNath




Asst Circle Secretary-7

Com B Praveen Kumar




Asst Circle Secretary-CNTX-S

Com D Pradeep Kumar




Asst Circle Secretary-ACE

Com M V Ramanjaneya Reddy




Central Working Committee Member-1

Com. M. Chalamaiah




Central Working Committee Member-2

Com.R S RamaKrishna




Central Working Committee Member-3

Com.PManoranjan Kumar




Central Working Committee Member-4

Com. P Madhu




Central Working Committee Member-5

Com.K Ramesh Babu






Com  M S  Kiran Kumar



Open Session Photos  Delegate Session Photos   CS REPORT   KEYNOTE

XXIII SNEA AP CIRCLE CONFERENCE held on 4th,5th Nov 2023 at Rajahmundry .
The Details will be update plz.


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