1. As per Hon’ble Suprem court order, Who are eligible for  higher EPF pension?
   The employees who are under EPS Scheme, where Employer pays full contribution( EPF + EPS(Pension)  of 12%  of actual Pay(Basic & DA) .
2. How to apply this  Higher EPF Pension?
     A joint option form of Employee and Employer has to submit to Concerned EPF Office.
3. If a Member withdrew EPF Amount from employee and employer contribution whether he is eligible for this higher EPF pension ?
    Yes , if a member withdrew amount from his EPF account during  his entire service is also  eligible for this higher EPF Pension.
4. Is it necessary to remit all the withdrawn amount back ?
   Case-1    If  a member have sufficient amount in Employer contribution ,the required pensionable amount(8.33%) is diverted from employer contribution. There is no need to remit the withdrawn amount.
  Case-II  If  a member does not have sufficient amount in Employer contribution ,the required pensionable amount(8.33%) has to remit with interest.
5. Can we transfer the required pensionable amount from Employee contribution?
     No,It is not possible.
6. Is there any Cut off date for this higher EPF Pension scheme ?
    At present there is no cut off date for this higher EPF Pension scheme.
7. Is there any change in length of service, if an employee opt for higher EPF Pension now?
    No, the length service will be intact even though an employee opt for higher EPF Pension now.
8. Is there family pension provision under Higher EPF Pension?
   Yes, there is family pension under Higher EPF pension and there are no changes in terms and conditions of Family pension between present EPF pension and Higher EPF pension  except pensionable salary.
9. Is there is any service condition for Family pension?
   There are no service conditions for family pension. If  employee subscribed EPF scheme, from that day onwards eligible for family pension. 
10.Can a Member have a chance to withdraw amount from EPF account after opted higher EPF pension? 
    Yes , There is no change in terms and conditions on withdrawal of EPF amount.
11.Is there any possibility of enhancing statutory wage ceiling amount? 
    It will be enhanced periodically based on minimum wages. In near future it may be enhanced from Rs15000/- to Rs 21000/-. 
12.Employees who are joined after 1st-SEP-2014 are eligible for EPS Pension scheme?
     The Employees who are joined after 1st-SEP-2014 are not eligible for EPS pension scheme.
13.Employees who are joined after 1st-SEP-2014 and their training started before 1st-Sep-2014 are eligible for EPF Pension scheme? 
     The Training period is not considered for EPS scheme. 
14.Whether member can have chance to change from higher EPS to current EPF option?
    No, this is only one time measure.
15.What is the procedure to link Aadhar card to EPF Account?
Employer has to submit the members data in the given format along with self attested Aadhar card Xerox copy 

    Aadhar data will be reflected in the EPF data, hence before submitting please verify Aadhar data and it is corrected if any errors in the Aadhar card before submission to EPF authorities. After collecting the data in the above format from all the BSNL recruited employees, along with the covering letter from AO (Pays) of the concerned district, the total set to be submitted to the EPF authorities at concern EPF Office.After receipt of this data, the concerned EPF authorities promised to update the data as per Aadhar data within three days.